A032 Rotary Actuator  

Unique like our AL75, the A032 packs a lot of torque per cubic inch of rugged construction and fits in the palm of your hand. With a heat treated alloy steel pinion shaft and relatively large ball bearings, it will handle loads heavier than its competition. Optional features are available for you to configure this compact actuator as needed, so that it suits your application precisely. For the three-position version, see A032 3-position actuator. If space isn't a limitation but you need larger rotation angles, consider the A1 rotary actuator.


Compact, rugged, powerful A032 rotary actuator

  • High torque density with rugged construction
  • Zero backlash at end of stroke
  • Your choice of 3/8”, 1/4”, or 8mm diameter shaft
  • Optional magnetic sensors for position feedback
  • Optional rotation adjusters and/or bumpers
  • Flexible port locations
  • Fully customizable (i.e. thru-shaft air feed)

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