PX2 Nitpicker Actuator  

The PX2 nitpicker actuator features a rotary section similar to our X2 indexing actuator coupled with a linear cylinder to produce independently controlled linear and indexing motion of the rod. With standard linear strokes up to 12 inches, optional rod ends, and tie rod construction, the PX2 is an extremely versatile actuator. This actuator can be used to move multiple parts by lifting them from one station and placing them on another for simultaneous processing. For double the output torque, consider our PX22 nitpicker actuator.

Rotomation PX2 Nitpicker Actuator is a rugged multi-motion actuator that features added linear motion with combined independently-controlled indexing motion


  • Independently-controlled combined indexing and linear motion
  • Extremely configurable to fit your specific needs
  • Various rotation angles and indexing options like our X2
  • Optional magnetic switches for linear section also
  • Select between standard or keyed, 1" diameter rod ends
  • Optional 'B' rod end (keyed) compatible with SMA-10 adapter

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