S2 Stepping Actuator  

The S2 stepping actuator is ideal for use in relatively small index tables with shot pins, conveyors, or as drives for roll feeders. The S2 provides unidirectional rotation in increments but unlike our X2 indexing actuator, it does not have positive stopping capability. The load will coast to a stop unless acted on by an external force. Unlike competitive products with add-on clutch housings, the S2 has a fully integrated clutch-bearing assembly for solid support of the load. For increased torque output, consider our S3 stepping actuator.

Rotomation S2 Stepping Actuator will provide you with an incremental drive that will rotate in one direction and coast to a stop as the inertial load decelerates


  • Extremely configurable to fit your specific needs
  • Rugged, reliable, simple operation with just a four-way valve
  • Various rotation angles to choose from, up to 730 degrees or special
  • Various port and needle valve positions available
  • Optional magnetic switches in various configurations
  • Optional rotation adjusters, bumpers, flow controls, cushions*1

*1Cushion on drive requires shaft/load to have some drag to properly affect load. Cushion on reset will NOT affect load.

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