The Rotomation Product Line

The Rotomation product line includes pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic actuators operating at typical pressures of 80 and 250 psi, respectively. All of our actuators, except for the AL75, provide rotary motions generated by a rack and pinion mechanism, in which a piston pushes one of the ends of a gear rack, turning the meshed pinion gear back and forth, depending on which piston is pressurized at the moment. Our rotary actuators have a one-piece pinion shaft so that back and forth torque is directly transferred to the shaft. Our stepping actuators deliver torque in a single direction in steps by connecting the pinion to the shaft with a one-way clutch. With a similar drive mechanism but with precise stopping capability, our indexing actuators produce accurate angular steps using a ratchet and pawl mechanism that provide the solid stop on its shaft. Pick and place actuators combine rotary motions and linear motions by transmitting rotary torque to a rod in its linear cylinder via a shaft-spline connection.

In all the rotary devices below, the torque can be doubled by placing an additional rack with pistons and cylinders on the other side of the pinion and arranging plumbing for pressure and exhaust to diagonally opposite cylinders. These dual rack units are designated with a number 2 following the actuator's size or the series' second digit, i.e. 12,22, 32, or 42 (e.g. A22).

Our miniature or compact actuators are pneumatic but all other actuators can be operated on air or hydraulic oil. In instances where motion control is required, one or more cylinders can be driven by air and the others by oil, through a regulated flow control. Operating conditions and required controls define actuator features to mesh with system control.

The Rotomation product line includes actuators capable of producing eight motions, which allows them to drive process machines directly, without requiring complex mechanical conversion or driving components.

The basic motions are listed below with icons describing and identifying each. Two additional motions can be achieved as described in the "Pick & Place Actuators" section below.

Symbol1 Rotary Actuators: Bidirectional rotation between two positions, like a windshield wiper. Our mini or compact rotary actuators are designed for applications where space is of the essence and torque is as important and our A752 rotary actuator is the pinnacle amongst them. The A4 and A42 are our largest single rack and dual rack tie rod rotary actuators, respectively.
Symbol7 Multi-position Actuators : Bidirectional rotation between three, four or five angular positions accessible in any sequence. The three-position version is the most common requirement but four and five-position units are based on the same basic assembly, just like our A42 3-position but with additional auxiliary cylinders used to provide the additional inner positions. The compact A032 rotary actuator also comes in 3-position version.
Symbol2 Indexing Actuators: Unidirectional rotation in fixed precise steps to hard stops. These actuators also prevent backward rotation and feature no accumulating error. The X42 is our largest indexer.
Symbol3 Stepping Actuators: Unidirectional rotation in steps without hard stops. The S42 is our largest stepper (product page coming soon - see page 31 of PDF catalog for more information).
Symbol4 Pick & Place Actuators: Combines a rotary section with a linear cylinder to provide independently-controlled linear and rotary motion. These actuators are also known as multi-motion actuators and their rotary sections can include one of previous four motions above, although those with indexing motion on rotary section are included in group below. Those with stepping motion on rotary section are available in certain sizes only (contact us for more information).
Symbol6 Nitpicking Actuators: Like our Pick and Place multi-motion actuators but with indexing motion on the rotary section. The PX22 is our largest and only dual-rack nitpicker.

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