Repair Services

All Rotomation products are fully rebuildable, even if their warranty expired years ago, provided their main body hasn’t suffered catastrophic damage, at which point we recommend purchasing a new replacement actuator instead. Nothing beats having a spare actuator in stock when you need it but our repair services could certainly have a crucial role on efficiently-managed maintenance schedules. Whether your actuator requires a simple repair or a complete rebuild, our value-added repair services will cost a fraction of the price of a new unit, for equivalent performance and durability. Even though our repairs do not extend the actuator’s original warranty period, we honor some of the core aspects of our product warranty after we repair it.

All you have to do in order to get your actuator repaired as efficiently and promptly as possible is contact us (or one of our distributors serving your area) to provide us with important information regarding the actuator such as serial number, current condition, description of issues or problem symptoms (if any), and any corrective actions taken to troubleshoot the actuator, if necessary. We also collect information about the application the actuator is subject to and appropriate point of contact and then issue a return material authorization (RMA) number to be used to ship the actuator to our facility (F.O.B. Ormond Beach, FL). See the Returns section for important additional information.

If Rotomation agrees that the repair conforms to our product warranty terms and the unit is within its warranty period, no purchase order will be required from our distributor for full evaluation. Otherwise, our distributor should issue a purchase order for the unit to be evaluated for repair. Evaluation cost will depend on the type of actuator you have, call us at +1 (386) 676-6377 or send us an inquiry for pricing. Requests for expedited service should be made in the evaluation purchase order and will incur in an additional fee.

If, after initial evaluation, Rotomation determines the actuator is experiencing a problem that is covered by our product warranty, we will promptly repair and return the unit at no charge (evaluation charge will be waived also). Otherwise, the unit will be evaluated within the period of time agreed upon and a quotation for repair will be supplied to our distributor. The estimated repair cost will include evaluation and repair flat fees, cost for seals and any other replacement part(s) (if any) required to restore the unit to its new functional condition, and any expedite fee (if chosen). Cosmetic damage will not be repaired and hence will not be included in our repair cost estimate. At that point, our distributor should contact the end user and/or established point of contact to provide a formal quote for the unit to be repaired accordingly.

If the customer chooses not to proceed with the repair, an evaluation charge will be assessed and billed to our distributor handling the repair order. Upon request, the unit will be returned disassembled at owner’s expense.

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