Shaft Mounting Adapters  

Rotomation shaft mounting adapters (SMA) are designed specifically to provide our customers a simple, accurate way to adapt their load to our actuators (shown in table below). Our SMAs are available with standard mounting hole patterns ('W' option) or blank ('N' option) for easy customization in your own shop or to your specification in our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop. They are made out of clear-anodized aluminum alloy and come with all necessary hardware. A reference bore on its top face, concentric with its shaft bore, makes customization an easy task. We install them onto our actuators if ordered together for shipping. Optional male or female pilots, accurately machined to your specified diameter, make it easy to install your tooling exactly on the center of rotation.

Rotomation Shaft Mounting Adapters (SMA) are designed to provide our customers with a mean to adapt their load onto our actuators seamlessly


  • Stocked with standard hole patterns or plain, both with center tapped hole and reference c'bore concentric with shaft bore within .001 TIR
  • Seamlessly mount your load to most of our actuators featuring standard shafts, 3/8" diameter or larger*1 (see table below)
  • Hole patterns can be easily added to any 'N' type SMA*2
  • Male or female pilots easily machined onto any SMA*2 with standard ±.001" tolerance on the diameter, or better if necessary
  • Made from clear-anodized high strength aluminum alloy
  • SMA's shipped installed on actuators (if ordered together) or with all necessary installation hardware
  • Mount to our actuators or adapt easily for other applications
*1Full shaft projection required for proper installation and performance.
*2Features machined onto our stock SMA's will expose bare aluminum.

SMA Compatibility (standard shafts only)
 Shaft Types Shaft Size  SMA Size Applicable Actuators
S18, D18 3/16 in N/C A01
S8M, D8M 8 mm N/C A032
 S25, D25 1/4 in N/C  A032, A01, AL75, A1, A12
 S37, D37 3/8 in 37 A032, A1, A12, A752, X1, X12, S1, S12, PA01
S5, D5 1/2 in 50 A2, A22, X2, X22, S2, S22
S75, D75 3/4 in 75 A3, A32, X3, X32, S3, S32
S10, D10 1 in 10 A4, A42, X4, X42, S4, S42, PA2, PA22, PA3, PA32, PX2, PX22
S11, D11 1-1/8 in 11 A4, A42
HS37 3/8 in I.D. N/C A1, A12, A2, A22
HS75 3/4 in I.D. N/C A3, A32, A4, A42
N/C: Not compatible (no SMA available for this shaft size).
Note: Applicable also to respective multi-position actuators, such as A032 3-Position, etc.

Looking for a model of an SMA mounted on a specific actuator? Click on the button below to send us your requirements. We will be glad to assist you with your application and/or generate any CAD files you might need. Or call us at (386) 676-6377.

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