Rotomation manufactures high speed, heavy duty pneumatic actuators that produce several shaft motions. All products are extremely configurable, which separate us from our competitors and give users maximum flexibility in their design. Another unique advantage we have is our ability of supplying special actuators quickly and at a reasonable price.

Unique Products

Like all of our competitors, we have a basic line of bidirectional actuators that rotate between two positions. Like some of our competitors, we also carry a line of multi-position actuators that rotate between three, four, or five positions in any sequence and a line of multi-motion actuators that combine linear stroke with rotary motion, independently-controlled but all in one actuator. But here are a few aspects that set us apart from our competitors.

» We offer a line of unidirectional actuators that rotate in increments and prevent backward rotation. These actuators are divided in two main families, stepping and indexing.

X4 Symbol

Our popular indexing actuators, like the X4 shown at left, provide precise and repeatable stopping capability with no accumulating error and very high accuracy within ±0.2 degrees. There is no other actuator of its kind available on the market, and they are often used to replace servo motors or cam-based drives at a far lower cost, without its unnecessary complexity. Learn more about how they work here.

Common applications: index tables, indexing conveyors, star wheels, walking beams

S4 Symbol

Our rugged stepping actuators, like the S4 shown here, will provide torque over a fixed angle but unlike our indexing actuators, they don't have stopping capability. Unlike our indexing actuators, our stepping actuators can go over 360 degrees (over 1 revolution) with standard rotations up to 730 degrees and rotation angle can be reduced by up to 30 degrees with our stroke adjusters. These actuators are resilient as they are self-contained units with hefty shaft bearings to assure best concentricity rather than the modular add-on clutch adapters offered by others.

Common applications: drives for conveyors, roll/material feeders, detented or shot-pinned loads

PX2 Symbol

Our unparalleled line of nitpicking actuators, like the PX2 shown at left, provide both rotary and linear motion, independently-controlled, but have indexing rotary motion instead of the regular rotary motion in our pick and place actuators. Like the indexing actuators above, our nitpickers provide unidirectional rotation in precise, repeatable steps with no accumulating error, in addition to linear motion with standard strokes up to 12 inches.

Common applications: sequential assembly and/or testing, indexing applications requiring extension/retraction motion to pick a workpiece and process it

» Our family of compact actuators include a variety of rotary actuators such as our A032 that provide more torque and bearing capacity than any other actuator of similar size on the market.  Our AL75 with its characteristic slow start/stop motion inherited from its patented drive mechanism is unlike any other rotary actuator we offer. See our three compact rotary actuators below.

Compact rotary actuators, patented AL75, robust A032, and powerful A752

Unique Quality

All of our actuators are manufactured with the highest degree of quality, surpassing the industry standard. Our pneumatic actuators are therefore capable of high speed cycle rates and feature an inherent heavy duty construction, only matched by hydraulic actuators. Our actuators are used in harsh environments such as in metalworking applications, electronic and mechanical assembly applications, demanding testing applications, food packaging applications, and semi-automated bakery production lines, among others. Our actuators are so reliable and durable that they are very popular among the automotive, semiconductor, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

We use nothing but the best and highest quality materials available in our product lines and always design for maximum ruggedness, reliability, and durability. Materials such as 2024 aluminum and 4150 heat-treated steel are commonly used in the manufacturing of our parts, and we use the latest and greatest coatings and treatments to ensure maximum endurance. We also offer alternate materials to accommodate specialty applications requiring enhanced corrosion resistance or clean environments.

Unique Applications

Whether your application requires a unique feature on a standard unit or a completely new actuator, we have a solution for your unique application. About 40% of the actuators we produce require some special feature or modification, or in some cases, they are completely new products, depending in the application and the customer's request. See examples of our special actuators.

Unique Satisfaction

Our attention to detail and team of knowledgeable technicians and professionals standing behind the quality of our products ensures your satisfaction and reliable performance for millions of duty cycles and years to come. Our excellent sales and engineering teams will guide you through the process of selecting and specifying your actuator to satisfy your specific needs, so you can meet and exceed your production expectations.  We will be there for you if you need any kind of support along the way.

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Rotomation is dedicated to providing reliable, extremely configurable, and fully rebuildable pneumatic actuators for automation. Custom and special actuators are our specialty.
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