We are dedicated to providing value-added solutions to our customers; we thrive with your success. We are a customer-focused operation, always accessible to our distributors and users.

High Quality Products

Rotomation actuators are designed for high cycle rates and long life expectancy. We stand behind our products with a 2-year limited warranty. Our actuators typically run for tens of millions of cycles and are fully rebuildable. Our factory's repair service will restore your actuator to its full functional integrity, adding millions of additional duty cycles, giving you a like-new actuator at a fraction of the price. Invest in our products and get your ROI many times over!

We often hear from our customers who have a Rotomation actuator which has been in service for ten, twenty, or thirty years and is starting to show its age. They are sometimes surprised to hear that we support nearly all of our previous products, and that our current models will drop in place of the old ones, despite improvements made to every component for even longer life. Each unit is serialized and we maintain records of every actuator indefinitely.

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Solutions That Fit Your Specific Needs

Rotomation offers extreme flexibility in options for you to configure your actuator to suit your needs exactly, rather than compromising your design to accommodate a one-size-fits-all actuator. Many times a simple modification to the shaft size, projection, or machined features such as keyways, flats, thru holes, etc., can improve your product and reduce cost. Or, you might need the actuator's main body and end caps to be made of an alternative material like stainless steel or plastic, instead of the standard anodized aluminum alloy. A custom mounting hole pattern might make our actuator drop into your current setup. Rotomation understands your needs and is dedicated to providing solutions that allow you to optimize your design.

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Stainless A42 rotary actuator

Special stainless steel A42 rotary actuator. Mouse over image to see the standard actuator with aluminum parts.

We Are Here For You

When you call Rotomation during business hours, you will speak to a person, not an automated switchboard. Our engineers are eager to collaborate with your design and application engineers to help them size, configure, specify, and integrate our products successfully. If we don't have a suitable product, we will do our best to suggest one from one of our worthy competitors. Whether you are looking for a one-off or for hundreds of actuators, you will receive the same support and attention.

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Worldwide Distribution With Local Representation in the US

A network of distributors across the United States offer Rotomation products, along with complimentary components for use in industrial automation. Knowledgeable salespeople and applications engineers can save you precious time and money by introducing your engineers to the newest products and solutions available on the market. Whether you contact us or our distributor initially, you will get the best of both companies with superior customer service with local targeted support.

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Technology that Drives Improvement

Rotomation continuously improves its products and operations in order to remain a leader in the automation industry and provide the latest actuation technology with the highest possible degree of quality. We design, evaluate, and simulate our parts and products using cutting edge CAD software and generate machine programs with our model-feature-based CAM software that are transferred directly to one of many CNC machines in our state-of-the-art facility to produce our parts and products efficiently and with consistent results.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Rotomation employees have an average of more than 18 years with the company, making craftsmanship, expertise, and personal responsibility key elements of our production. They've witnessed the progression of our product line throughout the years and have learned the tricks of the trade, making them crucial to our company's continuous success. With a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, our team of highly skilled professionals is key in fostering improvement to our daily operations and sustaining product quality.

Rotomation's Team

Proudly Made in USA, Responsibly!

Rotomation operates from a custom-built facility in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida. Not only we are an American-born enterprise, but we also make environmental responsibility a priority. We believe that alternative energy is fundamental to reducing our carbon footprint, so we recently installed a 35 kW solar photovoltaic system array that provides about half the power needed for our manufacturing facility. We diligently pursue other important environmental initiatives including use of environmentally-safe products in our daily operations including biodegradable machine coolant and cleaning agents. We also make sure all scrap materials, whether from production or shipping, are recycled and/or reused properly.

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