Vision and Values

Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions. They provide direct process actuation for reliable, high speed operation. All units are assembled to order, and approximately 40% are specials. Product development and improvement are never-ending and our service includes telephone support, distributor availability, and repair in our own shop to insure like-new operation. Our dedication to providing you with cost-saving solutions means your production is optimized and protected. Call us today at (386) 676-6377.

    Material and parts surveillance, 100% product testing.

    More shaft motion capabilities than any competitor.

    Phone technical support, overnight unit or part shipment.

    Continued product improvement, replacements interchangeable.

    About 40% of product is special.

    Realistic delivery scheduling with direct access to schedule planner.

    File record on every unit, parts documentation, in-house repair services.

  • AGILE:
    OEM specials on short development or production schedules.

  • WIRED:
    Product and tool design, order processing, and billing are all digital.

    High precision machines, skilled machinist/programmers, instrumented testing.

  • LOYAL:
    Many distributors and customers have been with us for over 30 years.


    AL75 rotary actuator with rotation adjusters and dual ended shaft Legacy X1 indexing actuator - new units have composite cylinders instead of aluminum X12 indexing actuator with flow control
    PX2 nitpicking actuator with magnetic switches

    PA2 pick and place actuator
    A4 rotary actuator S4 stepping actuator with flow control A2 rotary actuator

    Delivering engineered solutions since 1967.
    Rotomation is dedicated to providing reliable, extremely configurable, and fully rebuildable pneumatic actuators for automation. Custom and special actuators are our specialty.
    Proudly Made in the USA!

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